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Thursday 7 March 2024

The Electric Con Explained - William Levin

In The Electric Car Con Explained William Levin exposes some inconvenient facts for the Climate Change zealots who are promoting electric cars as a solution to car emissions.

Here’s a short summary (courtesy Bing) but please follow the link above for the full article.
  • The U.S. car fleet accounts for only 1.0% of global energy demand (5% x 19%), which is projected to decline to 0.8% by 2050.
  • Even if the U.S. transitions to 100% electric-powered cars, the maximum climate impact in 2050 would be a mere 0.2% reduction in global CO2 emissions from the current electric grid.
  • This impact could increase to a maximum of 0.5% if solar, wind, and hydro can power 60% of electric demand, which is unlikely due to practical challenges.
  • Government mandates to switch to electric cars lack a factual basis for a significant impact on global CO2 emissions.
  • While Levin acknowledges that EVs have their place, he notes market distortions caused by subsidies and regulatory force are problematic, especially when EVs don’t suit most personal-vehicle needs outside urban areas.

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