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Thursday 28 March 2024

Bird-Feeders gone Wild

In an earlier post I re-printed a poem called the Bird Feeder. It tells the story of how a well-intentioned act , the installation a bird feeder to attract birds to a garden, leads to a whole chain of unexpected and unwanted consequences. A humorous opening setting the stage for some observations it then goes on to describe how government payments, allowances, and concessions serve as perverse incentives. Perverse in that they encourage the wrong type of behaviour. It is well worth a re-read and if you haven't please do. You will have a laugh and I am sure you will nod in agreement. (see the Bird Feeder).

So why am I talking about bird feeders? Simply because of the open southern border of the US. Of course, we know that the US with its high standard of living is incentive enough for the mass 'invasion' of migrants from many of the poorer countries around the world. One would have thought that the existence of an open border would be incentive enough. But no, it has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Democrat cities have placed even more bird-feed on the table. You may have heard of some of these but the 'authorities' have tried to keep the wide range of incentives hidden. No wonder really, once you have read the list.

Courtesy of  The Howie Carr Show we have a whole list of the incentives that illegal migrants receive. I am not quite sure if these incentives apply in all states or just some. Irrespective the fact that they exist anywhere is bad enough!

Here is a summary of the list, but please follow the link to the story at FREEBIES FOR ILLEGALS: A Comprehensive List , for the full list and a more in-depth description of the context.

"General Welfare Costs for Illegal Aliens:
  • Free hotel rooms at $150+ a day.
  • Three meals a day at $64 per person per diem.
  • Free on-site medical & dental services (including condoms).
  • Special diet for Ramadan.
  • Free same-day dry cleaning w/free pick up & delivery.
  • Free housekeeping twice a week.
  • Free cell phones, chargers/charging ports.
  • Free tablets, IPads.
  • Free clothing, new & used.
  • Everyone got new free winter coat, gloves and shoes.
  • Free toiletries (tooth paste, deodorant, special “ethnic” shampoos, skin cream, aspirin, tooth brushes, feminine products).
    For the Children
        • Free diapers, wipes, diaper pails, cribs, bassinets, playpens, baby bottles, baby formulas, free car seats, free new mother bags, playrooms for young illegals w/free toys & books which must be replaced often because of destruction."

      That is a lot of bird seed indeed! The motivation of the Biden administration is rather transparent. It seems they have gone all-out to 'massage' the electoral balance by an infusion of illegal migrants. 

      Did Americans vote for this? Hard to say, as many Democrats have spoken about this policy at various times. So maybe, without realising the consequences, many Democrat voters did like the idea of Open borders. However, like the Bird Feeder, now that they can see the consequences I am sure that a majority have changed their minds. This is sure to be a critical issue at the upcoming election!

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