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Monday 18 March 2024

Questioning the Climate Catastrophe dogma

Is the wind changing on Climate change zealotry?  It started with the Russia-Ukraine war when much of Europe realised that renewables plus imported gas were not a very practical way of powering a modern economy. As a consequence, we have had rapid and concerted moves to refresh old coal mines, import gas and coal from sources other than Russia and renewed investment in nuclear. Green parties in several countries have re-classified nuclear energy as,  lets call it, 'Green', but I am not sure whether they actually called it 'renewable'. I guess this is no worse than advocating the burning of wood, be it re-constituted shaved, pulverized and compressed, but still plain old wood to you and me, as a renewable resource. After all, it does renew even if it happens to take decades or even hundreds of years. Of course, the same argument could be used to classify coal as renewable, but then again the periods are admittedly an order of magnitude longer.

So perhaps it is not surprising, that the 'science' behind the Climate Zealotry is also under pressure. Articles that question the very basis of Climate Change are beginning to break the defensive wall that has prevented even minor criticism of climate catastrophist dogma. The most recent that caught my eye is a rather in-depth article in the Epoch Times. The title is provocative enough Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data.  The article lists several scientists who signed a petition called the European Climate Declaration, sceptical of human-induced global warming.

A small move but significant in its very existence.

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