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Friday 17 October 2014

The First Post

With so many words flying through the ether who needs another blog? But here I am. Why? Not sure myself. Perhaps it is a bit experimental.

Its genesis dates back a few years now, when I started to feel that 'the world' had shifted. I felt out of kilter with the 'popular' views in our free-to-air media. I found myself starting to talk back to radio commentators and television news presenters, driving my better half to wonder about me and suggest I should get a "soap-box".

This blog is my 'Soap Box', to vent my views on the changing world, and perhaps even to re-align it, even if just a bit. 

Above all I do believe that polite, reasoned, exchange of ideas, allows participants both to discover more about their own views and sometimes to adjust them to accommodate alternative viewpoints.

So if your disagree with any of my ideas, feel free to present yours.