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 Look at some of these articles/videos from the 'grapevine'. 

  • Fact Matter recently published a video titled The Distortion of Climate Data Using ‘Computer Models’ exposing the distortion of Climate Data by a range of influencers. It provides further evidence that there is no Climate Emergency. Even the IPCC denies it, in its reports, but of course those sections are not quoted very often. The video is well worth a view.

  • Yet another call to withdraw COVID mRNA vaccines due to the high rate of serious adverse events, the likelihood that they are the cause of excess mortality, and the change in the risk-benefit profile gives the mutation of the COVID virus to become less virulent.  

  • Douglas Murray, author and commentator, has been singularly perceptive in forecasting many developments around the world. In his recent in-depth interview at the Hoover Institution, he covers the recent past and makes more predictions for our future. A bit long but well worth the time 

  • The Gatestone Institute recent article "The Betrayal of Israel by the US Administration Is Almost Complete highlights the ways Biden's administration has undermined the US's key ally in the Middle East. It is a shameful betrayal of an ally and will affect all US allegiances. Who can trust the US as a political partner!
  • You just cannot trust the media or even the UN for fairly reporting on the Israel-Hamas war. The UN has been repeatedly quoting casualty figures that come from Hamas as if a terrorist organisation that massacred 1200 people could be trusted to give accurate figures on casualties. Especially when they benefit from high casualties especially of children and women, as these are used for claims of 'genocide' by Israel. The figures quoted by Hamas have however been questioned by some analysts who identified real anomalies. Most recently, however, Fox News has reported that the UN revises Gaza death toll, almost 50% less women and children killed than previously reported
  • Douglas Murray was recently awarded the Alexander Hamilton Award by the Manhattan Institute. His acceptance speech is masterful. Must see.

  • Excess deaths is receiving more attention with some poorly attended debate in the English Parliament. Here is the latest video hosted by Dr John Campbell on YouTube of the presentation by Mr Neil Hanvey.

  • Was this really aired on The View? If so that guy is a brave man.

  • This one is a bit old but I cam across it recently and couldn’t resist sharing it. After all we see a lot of Biden’s senility , so here is one of the PM of Australia, who does not have the age excuse. I will let you judge for yourself.

  • A warning on the power of AI right from the 'horse's mouth". Here is a short video of an advanced AI Robot's response to the question "When will AI be capable of designing itself? The answer is frighteningly inciteful.

  • White clots again! Here is a discussion between Dr John Campbell and Neil Oliver on the new epidemic of 'White Clots" associated with COVID vaccines. 

  • A friend sent me a ( rather poor image ) copy of a full-page ad from the New York Times addressing Joe Biden's abandonment of Israel.

  • After the media outrage following Israel attack on the Hamas command centre under the Shifa hospital, we thought it was over for Shifa. But it seems not. Israel Hayom has reported a second very succesful attack on the Shifa. In article titled IDF eliminates close to 100 terrorists in Al Shifa raid, and most significantly "while preventing harm to civilians, patients, medical teams, and medical equipment." 

  • Mark Levin needs no introduction from me. He is know as "the great one

    " on Fox News. I listen to many of his videos, and include this one because I felt it is an excellent short review of the philosophical/ethical foundation of the US. Especially welcome when much of our main stream media fails to correctly restate it when required. Well worth a view Mark Levin: I'm sick and tired of these attacks

  • Here is a video of an outspoken Yemeni Muslim calling out the hypocrisy of Muslims (and applies to non-Muslim Palestinian supporters too) in their raging against Israel for so-called 'genocide' of Gaza's civilians when they failed to do so in all the other wars where Muslims were killing other Muslims. 

  • Following Tucker Carlson's let's face it 'softball', interview with Vladimir Putin, many critics are out in force. Many come from the US Left, so I guess expected, but there is plenty of criticism from the Right. Here is one by Konstantin Kisin, a most articulate advocate for a rational world. Well worth a view. Titled Tucker Carlson And The Woke Right - Konstantin Kisin

  • If COVID and the COVID mRNA vaccines were not enough of a disruption to world health, we now have a new 'pathology' - White Clots. These are rather large clots that seem to appear suddenly just before the patient's death or post-mortem. They were first noticed in Post Mortem examinations and by funeral embalmers. They first appeared in 2021, suddenly, and their appearance strongly correlates with COVID vaccination.  I came across these through Dr John Campbell's YouTube channel. He has several videos covering these. Here is one titled "White clots USA

  • The recent special prosecutors report exonerating Joe Biden's document handling crimes, due to his mental infirmity, has been forced off the front pages due to convenient new Trump issues. The report listed a wide range of criminal issues. Mark Levin has provided a YouTube summary titled Mark Levin: This report is filled with 'damning' indictments against Joe Biden . Well worth a view!

  • I am not in a position to readily check this but certainly those in Michigan could do so. MS_Sambo_ (@Mississippi Sambo) Tweeted: 17,123 dead people voted in Michigan in the 2020 presidential election. If so shouldn't this be front page news?

  • With recent strong interest in the revival of the Two-State solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, as it is really the only solution being promoted by the Western world, I have posted some contrarian views. Here is another well-reasoned presentation by an Israeli commentator ko-fi of Travelling Israel (https://ko-fi.com/travelingisrael) . His latest video is A Two-State Solution is NOT the solution (So what is?)  Compelling arguments.

  • With the Israel-Hamas the 'Two-State' solution is being promoted by many countries. Not Israel or Hamas mind you, but the countries that have not directly suffered the consequences of having a failed state next to them.. Here is a short video from an Israeli Debunking The Two State Solution in 3 Minutes

  • A recent article in The Gatestone Institute had the provocative title "How to End the Suffering of the Palestinians . Of course feel free ot follow the link and get the details but ,spoiler alert, here is the punchline - "The real anti-Palestinians are not the Israelis at all, but the same old racist Jew-haters and antisemites (see hereherehereherehere and here) who cannot be bothered to learn the truth when it comes to the actual human rights abuse of Palestinians: it is delivered from the hands of Arabs."
  • British MP Andrew Bridgin managed to procure a second UK Parliamentary debate on Excess Deaths following the COVID pandemic. His presentation is a must-see to provide background on the unexplained level of excess deaths in UK and around the World.  (Link to Hansard full transcript, https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons...)

  • The recent leniency shown to Ray Epps provides strong evidence that the US's DOJ does NOT apply US laws without fear or favour. There are many articles regarding this and no doubt many of you would have heard/read about it. But I found Viva Frei's YouTube video compelling. I suggest you spend the 10 minutes to have a look. The Republican led Congress should certainly address this with Merrick Garland and perhaps initiate impeachment action.

  • Did New Zealand fudge the risk of kidney injury due to mRNA vaccines. I will let you be the judge, but this article in Epoch Times provides some evidence that it has. Read New Zealand Fudged the Data on How the Kidneys Fare After the COVID Vaccines
  • Given the recent exposure of Ivy League Universities' antisemitism it is timely to read the recent article in the Gatestone Institute "'Dark Money Nightmare': How Qatar Bought the Ivy League. This is a real eye-opener. It explains why there is such widespread support for Hamas/Palestine within these elite Universities, especially given the obvious mismatch between all the other 'Woke' issues and such support. 

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