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Thursday 21 March 2024

Gaza’s death toll is Hamas propaganda!

The New York Post is calling out the failure of the world's media in applying the pub test to Hamas' claimed Gaza civilian casualties. Indeed there is much to question. Abraham Wyner in his article Hamas is almost certainly lying about the number of deaths in Gaza points to the suspicious 'straight-line' rise in casualty numbers reported by Hamas. Is it likely that exactly 275 people were killed each day? Certainly does not pass the pub test.  And of course if Hamas is lying about this, then what else are they lying about? 


Surprise, surprise! A terrorist organisation that sends rockets at civilians, or commits vile atrocities, also lies. Who would have thought it!
Yet it seems that the rest of the world's media repeat lies without question. What happened to the analysis? To questioning? 

(This is ) a devastating lesson on the credulity of the world media and the gazillion politicians across the globe who’ve been repeating the stats as if they meant something — with no less than President Biden then falsely charging that Israel’s tactics are “over the top.”

Thank goodness there is at least one media organisation willing to look for the truth and then have the guts to publish it as they see it. We need many more.

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