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Tuesday 26 March 2024

Climate zealotry destroying Europe's economy

In a most inciteful article in the Gatestone Institute, titled Germany's Murder of Europe, Drieu Godefridi exposes the economic consequences of energy policies driven by the Climate Catastrophe dogma. Given a few observations in unassailable logic these policies will cost Europe dearly without leading to any reduction in Global Temperatures.

The arguments are as follows; -
  • If Europe reduces its emissions to zero, while the rest of the world continues to increase them, the effect on the climate will be zero.
  • The projected investment to save 0.03% GDP per year , amounting to €1.5 trillion per annum would do absolutely nothing for the climate of Europe with India and China, and others , increasing their emissions.
  • "The Paris Agreement is obsolete and to pretend otherwise, as the European Commission is doing, is misleading, irresponsible, and not even scientific."
  • The widespread acceptance of climate catastrophism is leading to Europe's impoverishment
  • Climate change could be solved by innovation over the coming decades. But if Europe has expended so much of its resources on counterproductive emission reduction efforts it will not have the necessary funds to invest in such research.
Many see the logical absurdity of many climate-driven policies. Yet the juggernaut hurtles on. The Russia- Ukraine war has perhaps brought many to the realisation, but we have yet to see rationality take over.

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