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Sunday 31 March 2024

Global cancer concerns

Cancer has been in the headlines of late. That may be somewhat of a limp opener, given for many of us touched by the dreaded disease it is never far from our thoughts. Yet when two members of the British Royal family are diagnosed with cancer withing weeks of each other, it is not exactly normal. Sure it could be just a coincidence. Maybe. But is it? Hasn't cancer suddenly had a resurgence? It seems more prominent people and more young people are being diagnosed with fast-developing and advanced cancers. Now admittedly I am somewhat conditioned, due to my scepticism, to look for anything that blames the mRNA vaccines, so take my 'gut feel' with a healthy dose of doubt. But it seems I am not the only one noticing this.  
Dr John Campbell recently posted a short video on the subject on Youtube titled "Global Cancer conerns"

In the video he raises the question 'Why is there a surge in cancers?" and "Why is it not being actively investigated?" Good questions indeed.

And then I also came across this article in Trial Site News, "Cancer in USA Down in 2020, Then Surges After Mass Vaccination—Is there a Connection?

Coincidence? Mmm. there seems to be a lot of smoke. Let's watch this space.

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