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Thursday 29 February 2024

Pandemic Overreach exposed

It started with a trickle now it is a flood. Whichever way I turn to read I am finding increasingly frank criticism of vaccine safety, vaccine mandates, vaccine death rates and even investigation of excess deaths.

Here is a collection of links to relevant articles covering my recent readings.
I guess we should not be surprised as many of us have been railing against the authoritarian approach taken by our leaders in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. So now, after the peak has passed we are finally being drip-fed the truth. The overreach by authorities who mandated vaccination is now recognised as being in conflict with our 'human rights'. And the even worse overreach in claiming 'safe and effective' when in fact it was an experimental 'vaccine' that did not have the usual level of testing for such vaccines. Unfortunately, this story is playing out too slowly with authorities still resisting full and open investigation of what happened. The Australian government, despite promising it would fully investigate the management of the pandemic, has established a review but with severe restrictions on its scope. Quite the opposite of what it had promised. No doubt many countries are dong the same trying to shield the guilty parties. And of course the vaccines are still being actively promoted in some countries. Fortunately many have seen the light and stopped this. 

There is a lot coming out on vaccines. In one recent tweet, quite well documented, but I have not gone through it, the tweeter, The Vigilant Fox claims 

Follow the link to access the full tweet.

If that were not enough we have the "White Clots" syndrome that has been observed since 2021-2022, which may well be caused by vaccination and may be related to 'excess deaths'.  I guess we will find out over time.

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