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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Palestinians speak out against Hamas!

Following Hamas's Oct 7 massacre of Israeli's civilians, and the consequent war between Hamas and Israel, much of the Western world has seen noisy, intrusive & disruptive, 'mostly peaceful', anti-Israel and antisemitic demonstrations. Large crowds have expressed their support for the civilian victims of the war as well as support for Hamas' genocidal call "from the River to the Sea ". 

In a crowd of thousands. no doubt some were only there to support civilian victims, but, given the genocidal chants, many were there to support Hamas. These 'useful idiots' justify their support for the murderous terrorists by blaming Israel, Zionists or just Jews for the supposed "occupation" of Gaza, forgetting that Gaza had not been occupied since 2005. Or worse still accepting Hamas' call to remove all Israelis, and Jews from "the river to the sea". This widespread antisemitic tidal wave to what was a blatant unprovoked attack by Hamas is a shameful betrayal of the "never again' mantra following the defeat of Nazi Germany 80 years ago. 

So much for the Western democratic world. But how do the citizens of Gaza feel? How does the Middle Eastern Arab world feel about the war? It is difficult to know as Hamas still controls much of what comes out of Gaza. If you were to publish something they don't like, the punishment would be painful and permanent. Nevertheless, word is slowly coming out. It is just a trickle but it has started.

Here are a couple of Youtube videos recording the views of the Arab world. It seems many of Gaza's civilians are not happy with Hamas 

As Israel disarms Hamas I expect more voices will be heard. 

The elimination of Hamas as the governing force in Gaza is the best chance for Gaza's civilians to have a peaceful & prosperous life.

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