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Thursday 15 February 2024

Exposing media lies about Israel's humanitarian support of Gaza's civilians

If you listen to mainstream media you will hear many claims about how Israel is conducting its war against Hamas and its neglect of Gaza's civilian population. Claims that Israel is preventing access to drinking water, preventing access to hospitals and preventing aid from reaching civilians. That is ignoring the wild claims by Hamas apologists that Israel is perpetrating "genocide" against Gaza's civilian population, that Israel is intentionally targeting civilians.

Yet Israel has gone out of its way to provide access to media with the facts on the ground. While during the "fog of war" listening to just one side is always fraught, after many wars and reviews by international organisations, including the UN, Israel has proven itself a credible and responsible country. 

In a recent YouTube video, Eylon Levy describes the support Israel is providing to Gaza's civilians. Titled Israel-Hamas war: 67 killed in Rafah raid, Eylon Levy gives Israeli govt. update | LiveNOW from FOX

It can be seen here

I have printed below the relevant parts from the transcript; - 

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