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Wednesday 12 June 2024

Climate Emergency claims debunked

 I recently came across a paper that admittedly was published some years ago in 2019, but it is well worth a review as it directly addresses many of the claims made by climate zealots.

The paper  "The True and False of Climate Change" was authored by M.Ray Thomasson and Lee C. Gerhard. 

 It covers a range of claims by climate change advocates and provides evidence to refute them. The paper is not too long and worth a read but here is a summary.

Climate change advocates' claims;-

  • temperatures are higher than they have been in the last 200 years: TRUE.
  • temperatures are higher than they have ever been. FALSE.   
  • there are more hurricanes FALSE
  • there have been more droughts: FALSE
  • there have been more wet seasons: FALSE
  • the strength of hurricanes has increased: FALSE
  • the number of violent hurricanes has increased: FALSE
  • CO2 is the major Greenhouse Gas: FALSE
  • CO2 increases will drive temperatures to catastrophic levels: FALSE
  • CO2 is the main driver of temperature increases: FALSE
  • CO2 levels today are higher than they have ever been: FALSE
  • sea level is rising: TRUE
  • the rate of sea level rise is increasing: FALSE
  • changes in solar irradiance can be ignored: FALSE
  • we can ignore the effects of the sun: FALSE
  • we can ignore sun spots: FALSE
  • CO2 is a pollutant: FALSE
  • Temperature and CO2 go up together: FALSE
  • Models can be used to predict climate: FALSE
  • the pause in temperature increases is not real.FALSE
  • there is a 97% consensus that humans are causing the climate to change: FALSE

I won't reproduce all the arguments they provide but here are a couple of the diagrams supporting their case. They also provide a comprehensive list of references. 

After reading this paper it becomes very difficult to sustain the "climate emergency" mantra of many a climate zealot.  Consider the possibility that the Climate Change theory is just wrong. That there is no climate emergency. That the current warming has been a totally natural increase due to the earth coming out of a cold period due to solar cycles. That the temperature will level off and decrease as the next cold cycle kicks in. Consider the upheaval the Climate Change theory has created. Massive changes in infrastructure, the transformation of manufacturing industries, destructive mining for rare minerals for solar panels, and massive increases in the cost of living by swapping low-cost FF energy sources for expensive intermittent renewables. It could have been all for naught. A sobering thought.

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