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Thursday 20 June 2024

AI creativity challenge

 You may have noticed I have started exploring the latest AI tools. I have used it to create poetry (see AI poetry shoot out ) and challenged the tools themselves to assess the benefits of AI (see 10 ways where AI will make a contribution) and their threat (see 10 Ways AI can be a threat to humanity).

Today I decided to evaluate AI's creativity. The challenge was to produce a visual representation of certain proverbs. In the first test, I simply asked Microsoft's Copilot to "Please provide an image to represent the proverb " text of proverb".  I ran the test on 5 well-known proverbs.

In the second test, I described the image that I thought would represent each of the proverbs I had used in the first test. However the images Copilot produced in response to my descriptions did not match what I had intended. And in virtually all the cases, despite multiple attempts, I could not get the image I conceived. In the end I gave up and accepted what I thought was the best. 

Here are the results of the first test. I won't name the proverbs here, to let you puzzle them out. 

Proverb 1 Copilot Conceived

Proverb 2 Copilot Conceived

Proverb 3 Copilot Conceived

Proverb 4 Copilot Conceived

Proverb 5 Copilot Conceived

And here are the images for the second test.

Proverb 1 -My conception

Proverb 2 My Conception

Proverb 3 My conception

Proverb 4 My Conception

Proverb 5 My conception

I am sure you will guess them, but I will post the answers  in a few days.

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