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Friday 17 May 2024

AI poetry shoot out

A few months ago I had a play with Google's Bard AI product by asking it to produce a poem on 'tea'. I thought it produced a surprisingly good poem.

Given the growing competition in general-purpose AI products, we have seen the release of a number of products by the major players, including Microsoft's Copilot,Open AI's ChatGPT, Anthropic's Claude and Google's Bard.
SO I thought why not re-visit the poetry challenge and see what these competing products produce. Here are the results. In each case, the prompt was "Please produce a poem about tea".


Steeped Tranquility

In porcelain cups, warmth unfurls,
Amidst fragrant leaves, secrets swirl.
A sip of solace, a whispered plea,
Tea, the elixir of serenity.

Amber hues dance in morning light,
A symphony of flavors takes flight.
From jasmine blooms to chai's embrace,
Each brew tells tales of time and space.

Steam-kissed lips, a gentle sip, 
The world outside begins to slip. 
In quietude, we find our way, 
Tea, the muse of a tranquil day.

So raise your cup, let worries cease, 
Sip the magic, find inner peace. 
For in this humble leaf, we see, 
A universe steeped in harmony.


The Warmth of Tea
Fragrant tendrils of steam unfurl,
Rising from the ceramic's curl.
Amber liquid, deep and clear,
Inviting me to linger here.
A ritual steeped in calm delight,
A moment's pause to savor right.
Floral, earthy notes entwine,
Nature's balm in this cup of mine.
With each sip, I am transported,
To lush gardens zephyrs courted
Peace cascades with each beat,
In the warmth of this cuppa replete.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

ChatGPT 3.5

In porcelain cups, a world unfolds,
Where leaves dance in waters bold.
A brew of warmth, a soothing balm,
In every sip, a quiet calm.

From misty hills to ancient lands,
Tea whispers tales from distant strands.
Its fragrance floats on gentle breeze,
A melody to bring us ease.

In morning's light or twilight's gleam,
Tea beckons with its tranquil stream.
A ritual, a sacred rite,
To pause, to savor, to invite.

From jasmine's kiss to bergamot's zest,
Each flavor a journey, a quest.
With every cup, a journey's start,
To mend the soul, to soothe the heart.

So let us raise our cups on high,
To tea, the poet's endless sky.
In its embrace, we find release,
A moment's peace, a sweet release.
and finally the original produced by Google's Bard


"In porcelain cup, a golden brew,
Steaming tendrils reaching you.
A gentle scent, a fragrant sigh,
Unfurling secrets from the sky.

Emerald leaves, once sun-kissed green,
Infuse their essence, calm and keen.
A touch of honey, sweet and pure,
Enhances flavors, ever sure.

The first sip warms, a comforting fire,
Chasing away life's worries and ire.
A moment stolen, just for you,
Peace and solace, calming hue.

With every cup, a journey starts,
Across vast lands and beating hearts.
From rolling hills to misty shores,
The taste of life, forever yours.

So raise your cup and take a sip,
Let troubles fade, your spirit trip.
In every drop, a whisper lies,
The magic of tea, beneath the skies."

They all sound pretty good to me. What do you think?

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