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Monday 2 October 2023

Examining Excess Mortality Beyond COVID: A Call for Open Discourse - updated 3 October

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been grappling with the staggering toll it has taken on lives. However, there's an alarming factor that has largely remained in the shadows – excess mortality. This surge in mortality, which extends beyond the direct impact of the virus, has not received the attention it deserves from politicians, the medical establishment, or the media. What's more concerning is the minimization and censorship of any attempts to link excess mortality to vaccine side effects by major tech companies.

Recent studies have shed light on the unexpected magnitude of excess mortality due to vaccination, challenging the narrative we've been led to believe. These studies have presented findings that go beyond questioning vaccine efficacy; they raise a troubling possibility that COVID vaccines might not only have failed in protecting the population but may have contributed to greater mortality than the virus itself.

I learned of the first of these studies via Dr John Campbell's YouTube video ONS, overall deaths in unvaccinated lower that has now been removed. Not sure why?
Nevertheless I have managed to find the source for Dr Campbell’s video. It was from this site the nobody who knows everybody The specific article is ANNUS HORRIBILIS - In England - Were there Over 154,300 Extra Deaths because of Covid-19 Vaccination Status ?

The paper provides a summary of a relatively straight forward analysis of publicly available data in UK, It calculates the overall mortality rates  for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK over identical period. The surprising, really shocking, result is that the mortality rate for the unvaccinated is lower than the mortality rate for the vaccinatedThis demands explanation.

The paper is very detailed and provides extensive source material, but I have not checked it, so must remain cautious, especially given that John Campbell video was removed. Not sure if it was a case of censorship or whether John decided the data was suspect.

The second source for concern is a large study COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere released by Correlation, a Canadian not for profit organisation. This is an extensive research paper looking at vaccine induced mortality in the Southern hemisphere during the COVID Pandemic. Again it has a number of distressing conclusions. 

The paper is based on 17 countries in the Southern Hemisphere and equatorial region. A definite causal link is shown between many peaks in all-cause mortality and rapid vaccine rollouts. The authors quantify the fatal toxicity risk per injection, which is exceedingly large in the most elderly.

and most alarmingly concludes vaccination caused

17.0 ± 0.5 million COVID-19 vaccine deaths worldwide, from 13.50
billion injections up to 2 September 2023, ...(1 death per 470 living
persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths.

The implications of these findings are profound and require immediate attention from our leaders and society as a whole. If these studies hold true, it signifies a monumental failure in our efforts to safeguard our citizens' health. Therefore, it is imperative that we shift the spotlight onto this issue and encourage open and honest discussions.

To address this matter effectively, several critical steps must be taken:

  • Open Discussion: We need our leaders and experts to engage in open discussions about these findings. This is not a time for political bias or suppression of differing views. All voices, regardless of their perspective, should be heard and considered.
  • Thorough Medical Investigation: The medical establishment must conduct comprehensive studies on the topic. These studies should be rigorous, transparent, and impartial. The results should be published in peer-reviewed articles, allowing the scientific community to scrutinize and validate the findings.
  • Media Responsibility: Media outlets must play a responsible role in disseminating information. It is their duty to present the findings without sensationalism or censorship. The public has the right to be informed about potential risks associated with vaccines, as well as the benefits.
  • Tech Transparency: Big tech companies should resist the urge to suppress information. Censorship, particularly in matters of public health, only fuels distrust. Instead, they should ensure that all perspectives have a platform for discussion.

At this stage, we cannot definitively say whether the vaccines have caused more harm than the virus itself. What we do have is a substantial body of evidence suggesting that there is more to this story than we've been led to believe. Only through open, honest, and transparent communication can we address this critical issue and chart a path forward that prioritizes the well-being of our citizens. The time for a comprehensive, open examination of excess mortality is overdue.

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