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Monday 9 October 2023

J'Accuse all journalists of betraying their duty

 J'Accuse, I accuse all journalists of betraying their sacred duty. A duty not just to their profession, but to the very soul of humanity. Have you forgotten your role as the watchdogs of society? All journalists? Yes, every single one who has turned a blind eye to the truth, who has failed to probe the uncomfortable questions, who has silently observed the spreading web of deception.

We see those who know the answers but dare not unveil them, those who allow the fabrications of others to fester in the public mind, those who cower in fear of losing their paychecks, their stature, or becoming the target of their peers' scorn. Is this the legacy they wish to leave?

Had they but found the courage to speak out, to seek the unvarnished truth, to do the job they were called to do, our world would be different.

Consider what we would all have gained had they done their job by;-

  • exposing sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, Rolf Harris, Bill Cosby, or Jeffrey Epstein when they first heard of instances
  • calling out China's infiltration into the Western World through stealing intellectual property via the 1000 Minds projects, the harassment of ex-Chinese citizens via the illegal Chinese Police Stations or its tentacles in the upper echelons of governments worldwide
  • reporting honestly about the Antifa-led riots and not condoning them by calling them 'mainly peaceful' 
  • reporting honestly and accurately on the riot at the Capitol on Jan 6 and not mislabeling it an 'insurrection' and the 'worst since the Civil War'
  • calling out the origin of the COVID virus as most likely from the Wuhan WIV
  • not encouraging mandatory vaccination when using an emergency authorised vaccine
  • discouraging climate hysteria by providing an accurate IPCC perspective and calling out terms such as 'global boiling' 
  • calling out the immoral support of Hamas and Hezbollah by European countries calling it aid knowing the money is diverted to funding terrorists
  • accurately reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop 
  • exposing Joe Biden's cognitive deficit before he was elected. There was ample evidence for every one.
A free society will only stay free if the Fourth Estate does not squander its mandate to report the truth without fear or favour. 

You have one job, do it!

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