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Thursday 28 September 2023

Good bye Dan!

Again we have had an unexpected politcial change and our media set to work analysing every aspect of Daniel Andrews’ resignation.

So many words, you need few from me, Yet I am triggered by what has been the most consistent phrase in his many political obits, both by those who praise and those who deride. It is near universal praise of his political prowess, electoral success and his longevity.

I lament that mere survival in the political shark tank is the measure of a politician’s success. Of course it is true, Andrews did survive, and he did vanquish the opposition. Although some may say they vanquished themselves. And , Yes, he vanquished his internal labor party competition. Under his rule the Labor right had no chance, think Somyurek. And over the years he vanquished his state. There are too many failures to mention; 

  • red shirts corruption, 
  • highest COVID death rate in Australia, 
  • longest COVID shutdown in the world,
  • multiple civil rights violations with an overzealous police force - firing rubber bullets at demonstrators or arresting pregnant woman for a facebook post, 
  • profligate spending leaving Victoria with the highest debt of any state
  • signing up to China’s Belt & Road program contrary to Australia’s policy
  • Damaging Australia’s reputation by canceling the Commonwealth Games
  • violating governance norms with an autocratic disposition 

So yes he vanquished one and all! But "Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about taking care of those in your charge."( Simon Sinek). So did he take care of those in his charge? Maoist would say no, and he has left many a mess behind him. Some of which I am guessing will only come to light in the coming months.

Victoria will take a long time to recover from Daniel Andrews’ care!

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