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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Uncontrolled immigration causes social division!

In what has proven to be a prophetic presentation, a younger Douglas Murray pinpointed the consequences of uncontrolled immigration. In his Oxford debate some 10 years ago on the topic "Immigration is Bad for Britain", Murray spoke of the dangers of uncontrolled, rapid immigration.

He noted that 
  • Before the rapid immigration that started in the 1990's Britain was a far more homogeneous and socially united country
  • Despite there being some immigration benefits there is a downside as well. Some studies prove that the cost of migration is greater than the benefits they bring
  • The greatest cost is the impact on social cohesion. The introduction of large numbers of individuals who share a different set of values than the rest of the country invariably leads to divisions and competition between conflicting values
  • As a result values that defined what it meant to be British including, the institution of Western Judeo-Christian moral code, the belief in Law and Order, and the institutions of Parliament, have been gradually whittled away with competing ideas from cultures that do not share these value.

Given what has happened to Britain in the past 30 years his words are prophetic.

British culture is not what it was, and Britain has indeed lost its social cohesion.

This is a warning for many people in the world where rapid immigration has created enclaves of people with values different from the countries they have adopted.

Nothing highlights this breakdown in values more than the recent anti-Israeli marches with many migrants (first or second generation) not only protesting against Israel but openly condemning and even burning the flags of the country which they had adopted.

Douglas Murray saw this coming, we should have listened!

(If you wish to hear the whole debate see it here ; 


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