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Tuesday 23 April 2024

'The Most Secure Election in American History'

In an in-depth article published in The Gatestone Institute John Eastman raises a range of issues that put a lie to the oft-quoted statement that the 2020 Presidential election was "The most Secure Election in American History"

The article is rather long and well worth a full read, but here is a summary of the key points. (Note I have used Copilot AI to assist with this)

"The article raises concerns about the 2020 U.S. election and highlights specific issues:
  1. Legal Challenges:

    • Texas Lawsuit: Texas filed an action in the Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
      • Allegations: These swing states’ election officers violated election law, potentially impacting the election outcome.
      • Specific Violations:
        • In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger unilaterally changed signature verification rules, rendering them unconstitutional.
        • Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kathy Boockvar, eliminated signature verification statutes.
        • In Wisconsin, election officials set up drop boxes and ran a ballot harvesting scheme.
    • These legal challenges question the integrity of the election process.
  2. Pennsylvania’s Vote Discrepancy:

    • Records indicate that there were 120,000 more votes cast than the total number of voters in Pennsylvania.
    • The margin of victory in Pennsylvania was only 80,000 votes.
    • This discrepancy raises concerns about the accuracy of the vote count.
  3. Georgia’s Signature Verification Change:

    • Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s rule change undermined signature matching requirements.
    • The alteration may have affected the validity of ballots.
  4. Wisconsin’s Ballot Harvesting:

    • Human drop boxes were set up in Madison, Wisconsin, which violated state law.
    • Some ballots lacked complete witness signatures.
    • These irregularities warrant scrutiny.
  5. Overall Concerns:

    • The elimination of protective statutes may have facilitated fraud.
    • The article underscores the need to address these issues to ensure election security and restore public confidence.

In summary, John Eastman’s article critically examines the 2020 election process, highlighting potential vulnerabilities and urging further investigation."

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