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Tuesday 30 January 2024

Noisy minority abuse their National Day

Australia Day has come and gone, and it has been sobering. It was far from us "singing with one Voice that we are Australian" and celebrating the wonderful country that we have collectively created and inherited, Instead, it has been the most divisive spectacle that I have seen over my many decades of Australian life. Councils cancelling citizenship ceremonies, loud mobs rallying in our cities screaming anti-Australian and anti-Semitic slogans, corporations refusing to stock Australia Day merchandise and vandals painting anti-Australian slogans on monuments and even sawing off a Captain Cool statue. 

This is not the Australia I know and love. This is NOT the mainstream average fair dinkum, larrikin, good bloke, tolerant and freedom-loving, and respectful Aussie. Where has he gone?  Are these anti- Australian protesters representative of the rest of us? I believe not. I think the quiet good old Aussie is 
still here. And he is still the same. He does not accept what the noisy loudmouths scream at him. He just says let them scream, who cares. Confident in himself he does not speak up easily, perhaps avoiding confrontation. As a result, the majority view is being drowned out by a noisy minority. Really a very noisy minority. 

So how do we fight back? How do we get back to the old Australia's peaceful tolerant acceptance of each other? How do we quell these noisy haters?

I am not sure. But I am guessing the type of decisive feedback that the Voice referendum gave to those who wanted to divide us by race gives a clue. Our politicians must give us a choice and must have the courage to put forward the old-fashioned, conservative, views that the majority of us would support. We need the LNP to be willing to take part in the 'culture wars' to allow the silent majority to have their voices heard. There is evidence that Dutton and Littleproud have read the room. Their successful rejection of the Voice has boosted their confidence. With Albo and his team trying to impose further left-wing policies, there are plenty of opportunities to take a stand. 

About Australia Day, certainly Jacinta Price's suggestion that the LNP proposes to legislate the date of Australia Day is worth considering. It would receive majority support and may wedge Labor. A similar stand can be made with regard to the councils that refused citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day. Perhaps those that refuse to hold them on Australia day, they should lose all rights to hold citizenship ceremonies.
Of course, I am not the only one disappointed in our Australia Day this year. Manu commentators have voiced similar concerns
. Here is just one of them. This article by James McPherson's Notes on a Depressing Australia Day gives one more view.

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