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Tuesday 16 January 2024

Humorous Short Videos poking fun at the Woke

This afternoon my grandson showed me some humorous videos on TikTok that I thought was worth sharing. The videos are quite short and point fun at the Woke Left in a direct humorous way. 

Here are a couple. 

The first is on 'masks are symbolic' ;-

and another 'Liberals confuse me'

Yeh, they are simple, and humorous and poke fun at the strange ideas that the Woke seem to accept without question.

I was curious about the background and found these videos are really part of the marketing materials for a dating app for conservatives. I did not realize this was a demographic in demand, but on reflection can see the logic of it. After all, being young, single, conservative and seeking a date with someone with similar views would not be easy. 

The presenter of the shorts is one of the founders of The Right Stuff,  John McEntee. You can check the background on Wikipedia at "The Right Stuff".  (Of course, treat all Wikipedia entries with some caution especially when they cover topics that have a current political aspect, like this one.) 

On YouTube you can see the full range of shorts, quite a lot of them. Of course you can also check out some of the dating options.

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