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Saturday 1 July 2017

What is Fake News?

In the latest of the series of incisive videos from Prager University Andrew Klavan presents "What is Fake News?"

Short and to the point it accuses all US mainstream media (perhaps including Fox) as purveyors of "Fake News" because they fail to present an accurate and unbiased account of daily events. I guess those of us who have a keen eye on the media are very aware of the slant given to many stories. I tend to use multiple sources from diverse political viewpoints  to form my views, but expect most people do not. So this is a very serious problem for our society. Yes I know that Klavan's analysis is for the US, but it is equally true for the UK and Aus.

As I noted in "Broken Windows" a free unbiased, accurate and representative media is the cornerstone of a successful democracy. Without doubt the failure of our media to provide fair and balanced analysis and commentary has created a society that has lost trust in its institutions. Though much derided by the media, it is the media itself that has caused much of the political instability we have seen in Australia, the UK and indeed the US.

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