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Monday 15 August 2016

The Great debate

The great debate

Without doubt one of the most significant challenges for humanity is how it faces the limitations of a finite planet. Rising population is causing the rapid depletion of natural resources as well as the pollution of our land, sea and air, and forcing us, for the first time to face such limits. Climate Change, whether man-made or not, is perhaps the area of greatest controversy. This is not surprising given the prominence that it has gained in the allocation of financial resources across the globe. 

Arguments about Climate Change span the whole gamut from total denial to those who portend global catastrophe once the world passes an "imminent tipping point".  

It is a compelling debate with passions running high on both sides. I have ventured into this debate with a number of posts and collected them some time ago into a single web Page titled Climate Change. But of course I have only offered a small glimpse of the prevalent arguments. In order to provide broader coverage from now on the Climate Change page will also include external links to articles and videos that provide a wide range of views.

It is well worth a visit. My guess is it will challenge your own position, irrespective of where your views fall on the Climate change spectrum.

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