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Friday 3 June 2016

Labor's record

Shorten's pre-election posturing to woo the voting public is replete with enticing claims; -

  • "We are making the hard choices to fully fund our investments in Australia's future"
  • "Restoring the national budget without smashing family budgets"
  • "Building  stronger economy -without hurting the things that help it to grow"
  • ".. a growing economy where opportunity belongs to everyone"
  • "A Health system where medicare not your credit card guarantees you access to the treatment you need"
  • "Putting the Australian dream of home ownership back in reach of working families"
  • "Real action on climate change"
  • "Closing the gender pay gap"
  • "properly funding child care"
(the above all taken from Shorten's budget reply speech )

Appealing, bewitching words but effective only on those with a short memory.

As for the rest of us, we recall that just a few years ago Labor had two terms in government. Two chaotic terms, with three PMs, countless crises, woeful waste, disastrous decisions all leading to deaths by sea and debilitating debt. A far cry from the alluring image Shorten and the ALP are fabricating today.

How can one see the reality behind the facade? There is no better guide than the old adage;
"Do not listen to what they say, look at what they do"
Indeed let's take a look at what they did in government.

Labor's woeful last term

There are many accounts of the RGR period but lets just take a quick look at a couple.  Josh Frydenberg delivered an extensive list of ALP disasters in his speech to the house of representative on 26 Nov 2012. It takes but 5 minutes but well worth the jog to one's memory.

Or have a read through the even more exhaustive list below; -

(This list was originally from a site www.labourwaste.com.au that is no longer online. So too many of the reference links are no longer active. Nevertheless the items are all too real with plenty of source material still available online to verify them.)

But this time it will be different!

No doubt in the face of this inconvenient history there would be loud protests that "This time it would be different". But of course they would say that wouldn't they?

So I suggest we don't risk it. Just rely on the old adage "Do not listen to what they say, look at what they do".

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