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Sunday 1 October 2017

What do "eyeball", "addiction" and "gossip" have in common?

In what is perhaps one of the silliest things I have come across in recent times, and given the state of lunacy  pervading our times there are many candidates, is the move to ban Shakespeare from school education. Ban Shakespeare I hear you scream, what is going on? At least that was my reaction. Yep it is another example of Western culture at war with itself.  The recent moves are coming from Canada, I learnt of it when a friend sent me a video from the The Rebel media on Ezra Levant's reaction to this new wave of Shakespeare rejection-ism. It is well worth the few minutes, not only as an insight into the crazy notions that are pervading our communities but for some insights into Shakespeare's genius. 

The move on Shakespeare is not really new, a change in attitude has been building over time.  Last year Furey of the Toronto Sun reported on the results of a survey of 18,000 people in 15 countries on their attitudes to Shakespeare as follows ; -

When asked if they liked the author of Romeo & Juliet, India (89%), Mexico (88%), and Brazil (87%) were the biggest fans. He’s highly popular in Turkey (79%), South Africa (73%) and China (68%) too.
In America, often teased for being uncultured, only 63% are fans. But they’re at least higher than the big shocker: Only 59% of folks in the U.K. like Shakespeare. The numbers in France (51%) and Germany (44%) are lower still.
When asked the question from another angle, 34% of Brits said they didn't like Shakespeare, whereas the average dislike among non-U.K. countries was 19% ( Source Europeans rejecting Shakespeare a sign of cultural decline)
His conclusion ;

"There is perhaps no greater evidence of Europe's cultural decline than new data on worldwide attitudes towards Shakespeare."

It is hard to disagree. And now it has spread to Canada. So the decline of Western culture continues. Wither next, Australia?

Post script; -

Ok I guess you are wondering what do eyeball, addiction and gossip have in common? They are just three of the over 1000 words and phrases the great bard added to the English language, including "for goodness sake", "unreal", "majestic", "hurried", "madcap", "amazement", "monumental" and so on and so on. If you are curious see Words Shakespeare Invented .

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