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Wednesday 7 June 2017

Trump in stormy seas, bearing right

Despite the continuous outrage at his every tweet squeezing out anything else from our main stream media, we are starting to see some hints of change in the world order.

Trump is an enigmatic change agent in a bull-in-the china-shop sort of a way. His influence outside his inane tweets barely get mention let alone recognition. But little by little we are seeing a change in the comfortable world order. That comfortable world order that saw gradual decline of the USA under Obama. The loss of face, the guilt for Western nation affluence, the loss of relevance due to inaction, and the soul destroying acceptance of the unacceptable rise of rogue states with nuclear weapons and ICBMs.

The new man, unpalatable as he is to many, has taken a strong if unpredictable stance on issues that were long ignored.

In but a few short months he has; -

  • re-established a red-line on chemical weapons with a few cruise missile and at the same time put Russia on notice that this he was no Obama
  • put China on notice that is ongoing support for North Korea was not conducive to its role as an avowed supported of world order
  • confronted Saudi Arabia and its brethren that the ISIS is their child. They need to drive out the terrorist from their own midst. They cannot expect the rest of the world to do it for them.
  • called out the Paris Climate change accord as having been a capitulation by the US and Europe to China and the third world. After all China has per capita emissions equal to that of Europe so why should it be allowed to increase emissions till 2030, 
  • put China on notice for its actions in the South China sea
  • met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to set sound groundwork for negotiations and in contrast to Obama did not set any boundaries or preconceptions
  • and dismantled Obamacare, but is yet to come up with an acceptable replacement
Some of these steps have started reaping results. China is making moves to redress its all out support for North Korea, and most dramatically Saudi Arabia, together with its neighbours, has cut diplomatic relations with terrorist supporting Qatar. No doubt Trump has helped create these effects. 

For many who have watched Obama's handiwork with horror, these are moves in the right direction. They hold out hope for a stronger America and a better world. Yes the rhetoric from the mainstream media will not say this, nor will the many he has put offside; the EU, Climate change advocates, Liberals in general, Mexicans who want to enter the US illegally, Muslim refugees, and many more. 

It is early days, and many stormy seas yet to sail with an inexperienced captain, but it seems to be heading in the right direction. 

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