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Friday 26 May 2017

Grapevine goes prime time...

Some months ago I added the "On the Grapevine' page for sharing links to articles and videos that I found interesting. As a dedicated skeptic I tend to be contrarian, always looking for the alternative view, especially when I feel an idea is being pushed too hard. So my selections tend to be this same contrarian approach, although not universally.

There is a lot of very compelling material around. Rather than post these to a separate page, that may or may not be seen, from now on I will simply post them on the main blog.  I think that will make them more readily available.
The " On the Grapevine page" will remain as is, for now.

Also, given my recent interest in Energy technologies I will be launching an "Energy Frontiers" page highlighting new developments in Energy Technology. We live in an exciting era for technological change, and energy breakthroughs will in all probability transform our daily life.

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