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Friday 20 February 2015

'Fairness' is in the eyes of the beholder

Much has been said about the lack of 'Fairness' of the 2014 Hockey budget. But what is 'fair' to one may well be 'unfair' to another.

In the table below I have compiled a short list of questions of fairness, reflecting our society. What do you think ?

Is it “fair”?
Is it fair for Labour to now reject budget savings of some $5b that it proposed when it was in government?
Is it fair for the senate to reject withdrawing a tax cut that was introduced to compensate households for the impact of the carbon tax now that tax has been abolished?
Is it fair to run on going budget deficits funded by borrowing and thereby putting the burden on future generations?
Is it fair for politicians to make promises to the electorate that they later abandon when in office?
Is it fair that only the top 20% of earners pay more taxes than they receive in payments from the government?
Is it fair to have penalty rates which prevent employers hiring available workers?
Is it fair to have any welfare payments that are not means tested?
Is it fair to have lower paid workers through their taxes subsidise asset rich part pensioners?
Is it fair that superannuants do not pay tax on their income or earnings?

My guess is that all of us will think of some as fair and some not. But that is the point. "Fairness" is in the eyes of the beholder.

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