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Grapevine - 2016

  • Matt Ridley; Global Warming vs Global Greening. This is a most compelling presentation that took place on 17 October 2016 at the Royal Society, UK. Ridley presents a middle road between the two extremes of the climate change debate. He presents a cogent case for a world that is warming due to man-made emissions, but at a slower rate than models predicted and is far from "catastrophic" but potentially heralding a warmer, wetter and greener world. 

  • Is Islam a religion of peace? Is Islam a religion of peace? Is it compatible with Western liberalism? Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? Somali-born author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.

  • Hungary to Amend Constitution to Block EU Migrant Plan
  • Can you trust the Press? Is the press trustworthy? Can we believe what reporters and journalists tell us? Judith Miller, Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for the New York Times, explains why Americans' trust in the news media has fallen, and why that matters. While written with America in mind, it applies virtually identically to the Australian press.

  • TED@NYC Oct. 2013, Amnon Shashua presenting OrCam. I just came across this older video about some great technology for the visually impaired. It is an example of the type of technological developments that are making life easier for the disabled. 

  • Rubin:Who I'm supporting for President. Dave Rubin explains his thoughts about the Presidential candidates and reveals who he's supporting for President of the United States.

  • We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer. Inspiring video heralding the Paralympics. Well worth the minutes.

  • Every Principal should say this. Dennis Prager presents a concise critique of the American education system by highlighting the policies that would redress current shortcomings. While it is targeted at US schools, it applies almost identically to Australian schools and I am guessing schooling in the UK and Europe as well.

  • Are the (US) cops racist? Are the police racist? Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Heather Mac Donald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, explains.

  • Stephen Fry on political correctness and clear thinking. Stephen Fry (actor and comedian) joins Dave Rubin for a quick discussion about political correctness, clear thinking, V for Vendetta, free speech, and his decision to quit Twitter. 

  • Love needs Laughs. How do you know if your relationship is going in the right direction? Is there a way to tell if you're in love? Well, yes, and studies confirm that the measuring stick is how much laughter there is in your relationship. Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, host of PBS comedy special "Happily Ever Laughter", explains.

  • Atlas, the new generation. The robots are coming. No they are here. Here is a video demonstrating how far they have come already. 

  • Dave Rubin on the Climate Change debate. Rubin presents a rational perspective refuting the extremes often given prominence in the CC debate. He says "I believe that the national conversation around climate change is mostly idiotic, vacillating between people who think we're on the brink of catastrophic climactic disaster and those who hide their head in the sand to the realities of the changing environment."

  • I learned more at McDonald's than at college. Another insightful video from Prager University, providing a sobering contrast between today's student-centric, touchy-feely education system and the real world.

  • 100 Cool ideas! Inventions! Not my usual video I came upon this one accidentally, worth a few minutes, I thought.

  • Cllimate Change: What's so alarming? Are droughts, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters getting stronger and more frequent? Are carbon dioxide emissions, global temperatures and sea levels putting us on a path for climate catastrophe? Bjorn Lomborg, Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, breaks down the facts about the environment and shows why the reality of climate change may be very different from what you hear in the media.

  • Why are conservative so mean? Andrew Klavan, in his satirical if cynical way, explaining why it sucks to have to act like a grownup.

  • Socialism makes people selfish. Which is better: socialism or capitalism? Does one make people kinder and more caring, while the other makes people greedy and more selfish? In this video, Dennis Prager explains the moral differences between socialism and capitalism, and why anyone who wants a kind and generous society must support one and oppose the other.

  • Message on Nice? I received this spam email from a friend with the words;-
"The Brits' sense of humour... Harrier jets' fly past over London on Multi Cultural Day in a salute to fundamentalist Islamic immigrants.It's good to see the RAF still have a sense of humour. Look at it squinting or close one eye."

  • Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. Compelling video of Jim Comey responding to questions from Trey Gowdy. Given this testimony even if indictment of Clinton for her handling of confidential information is not justified, she may well be guilty of perjury. Judge for yourself. 

  • "So let me get this straight..."A short insightful facebook post by Benjamin Blaine explaining Brexit. Well worth a read, click here!
  • Did Bush Lie About Iraq? With the recent release of the Chilcot report it is well worthwhile to  watch this video from Prager University. Judith Miller, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, covered the lead up to the Iraq War for The New York Times, and settles once and for all the big lie about the war in Iraq.

  • What makes America different? Is America really that great? Or is the United States just like any other nation? Outsiders tend to be the best judge of character, and Nick Adams, a best-selling Australian author and political commentator, gives an outsider's view of the USA.

  • John Stossel - America's Third option. John Stossel interviews Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld. Could Johnson be the middle ground many Americans prefer for their president? 

  • Why don't Feminists fight for Muslim women? Are women oppressed in Muslim countries? What about in Islamic enclaves in the West? Are these places violating or fulfilling the Quran and Islamic law? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an author and activist who was raised a devout Muslim, describes the human rights crisis of our time, asks why feminists in the West don't seem to care, and explains why immigration to the West from the Middle East means this issue matters more than ever. 

  • Mark Steyn:The Official Lie. Mark Steyn offers an objective analysis of the official lie forwarded by the Obama Administration with the help of Mark Zuckerberg and others.

  • West Bowing to IslamTarek Fatah states that " Orlando was an act of Islamic terror and of Islamofascism, a doctrine of hatred towards the West and what it stands for, including LGBTQ rights". He quotes Barsen's blog arguing that "Blaming guns for the Islamist murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club, is like saying that Zyklon B gas was the cause of the Holocausts and not the Nazis." Read the article here
  • Socialist Disasters. John Stossel casts his analytical eye on the resurgence in the popularity of Socialism especially among the youth of today. Well worth the few minutes to get a reminder of how the experiment with Socialism turned out for Latin America.

  • Cool Commies and other myths. Michael Moynihan (The Daily Beast) joins John Stossel to discuss the myths which romanticize communism.

  • Israel and the Palestinians:What the media won't report. Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, and an expert on Middle East conflicts, discusses what the Palestinian leadership really wants.

  • Trees are the Answer. This video from Prager U by Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore addresses the question whether trees can be harvested to produce timber products without damaging the environment.

  • Black Fathers Matter a compelling video from Prager University highlighting some of the counterproductive impacts of western welfare systems. Aimed at the US audience but equally pertinent to Australia and other Western democracies.

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