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Saturday 30 January 2016

Common sense prevails!

Thank goodness, common sense has prevailed. I should not sound surprised, and I am not, but more than a bit relieved. The government has rejected the ALP's request to peruse the confidential volume of Dyson Heydon's final report on the TURC, and the earlier confidential volume. Despite  the ALP's promises to keep it all confidential, scouts' honour, hope to die, promises. Alas as I noted in "Ay there's the rub", given the intimate, perhaps even unholy, relationship between the ALP and the Unions, releasing documents that DH had specifically recommended "be kept secret to protect the physical well being of several witnesses and their families" (from Labor blocked from seeing secret union volumes) was a risk not worth taking.

Michaelia Cash released the decision yesterday citing "concerns ...that information about several witnesses could be leaked and investigatio­ns compromised" (from Labor blocked from seeing secret union volumes).

The ALP is predictably outraged and we will no doubt hear much more of this from ALP/Union acolytes. Behind the scenes, however, I am sure there is some understanding that this was a likely outcome. 

I am still waiting for some sensible voices in the ALP/Unions to come out and react appropriately to the widespread corruption in Union ranks. It could start with distancing itself from the CFMEU, the Union most clearly tainted by widespread corruption.

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